Syrian People Cannot Accept Bashar in Power Al-Jubeir says

On the situation in Yemen, the Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir said that the war was not initiated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but by Houthis and Ali Saleh, who seized the legitimate authority, and violated the agreement that has been reached through national dialogue conference, as they have also violated UN Resolution 2216, SPA reported.

He further said that this war is a defensive war to protect legitimacy of Yemen and to deter the threat targeting the Kingdom’s borders at a time the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia supported the Yemeni negotiations, but the Houthis and Ali Saleh rejected the proposal which put forward by UN Special Envoy to Yemen.

He pointed out that the Kingdom has announced three months cease-fire, but Houthis and Saleh had fired more than 20 ballistic missiles towards the territory of the kingdom and killed forces stationed on the border.

However, the Kingdom has committed to the principle of restraint, and when negotiations failed it has the right to defend its borders, Al-Jubeir stressed.

In response to allegations that the kingdom targets hospitals and schools, Al-Jubeir said that the accusations are inaccurate, unfair and biased as these claims are based on one-side and do not look at the truth as a whole and the Kingdom conducts necessary investigations in this regard, but should be taken into account that Houthis use hospitals and schools as arsenal for weapons and when these hospitals and schools became as arsenal and were militaryly targeted as military facilities, the Houthis get the world imagining that the targeted are hospitals and schools, but the Kingdom is seeking to clarify the image and address the situation if any, based on international laws, citing mistakes committed by the US and Britain in Iraq and Afghanistan wars, SPA reported.


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