Syrian Militants Caught Violating Ceasefire Agreement – Video

The Syrian army and its allies continue to maintain control along the eastern border of Latakia province, keeping their forces out of reach of the militants’ heavy artillery.

Sputnik news agency was able to capture on video the numerous violations of the ceasefire agreement perpetrated by militant groups which sporadically fired mines and rockets at Syrian army positions long before the truce was officially declared over. These shellings took place in the vicinity of the town of Kabani located in the Latakia province.

A commander of one of the Syrian army units, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to safety concerns, told Sputnik that surveillance systems used by the military to track enemy movements were able to confirm the militants deploying mortars and rocket launchers and using them to shell the government forces.

“Over the course of the last few days the militants in the vicinity of Kabani fired 12 rockets at army forces. And while none of these rockets caused any damage or loss of life, it was a clear provocation,” the source said. The video, filmed from the forward positions of the Syrian army, clearly shows the aftermath of a rocket attack perpetrated by the militants.


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