No any benefit for Russia to attack UN aid convoy in Syria

Washington has held Moscow responsible for the attack that killed 12 aid workers and destroyed 18 of 31 Syrian Red Crescent trucks carrying UN-provided food.

Moscow has firmly rejected the US accusation that Russian or Syrian planes carried out Monday’s attack.

Mustapha believes there is “no benefit” for the Russians to attack a UN aid convoy in Syria since it does not particularly harm US interests.

She also said the drone theory which the Russians have come up with obviously indicates that this attack was an action carried out by the United States.

The commentator went on to say it cannot be the Syrians because they do not have the military capabilities of carrying out night flights.

However, she said, both the US and Russia have still not actually agreed to what “genuinely” happened and an investigation is being carried out.

Mustapha further stated the current situation in Syria has become a “standoff” between the United States and Russia.

She also said there is a “geopolitical game” going on between Washington and Moscow, adding that the victims are going to be the Syrians.

Commenting on the incident in Dayr-al-Zawr, Mustapha said there was no reason for American planes to fly during a time of ceasefire.

She also said this clearly indicates there was a “deliberate attempt” to scupper the truce and ensure that Daesh Takfiri terrorists would make gains.

The commentator further argued the policy of the United States is to engage in conflicts in the Middle East and allow them to go on for many years.

“We have seen the scenario in Afghanistan, we have seen it in Iraq and now that America is firmly installed on Syrian soil I think we can expect to see them for many, many years,” she said.

Mouracadeh, for his part, believes the Americans are “perfectly correct” to say that the Russians are responsible for the UN aid convoy attack in Aleppo.

“These are not accusations, these are facts. Considering that the only planes flying in the area were either Russian or Syrian, it is difficult to say otherwise,” he said.

According to the expert, the Americans at least apologized for the bombing of the Syrian air base in Dayr al-Zawr, but the Russians never came up with any apologies.


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