Muslim women are victims of discrimination

Earlier today Thames Valley Police, UK, arrested a man in connection to a racist attack that took place in August when a Muslim woman lost her baby. The man directed racial abuse at the 34-year-old woman at a Co-op store in Bletchley, Milton Keynes, followed her to her car then kicked her in the torso. The woman was taken to Milton Keynes General Hospital but they were unable to save her baby.

The same man also hit a 40-year-old man over the head with a bag of ice and a bottle.

The news comes at around the same time a 36-year-old Muslim woman was set fire to on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York, and two Muslim women in Brooklyn were assaulted as they pushed their babies in prams. Emirjeta Xhelili, who was arrested and charged for second attack, tried to remove one of the women’s headscarves and pushed one of the prams to the ground.

At the beginning of September a 60-year-old Muslim woman was stabbed to death in the Jamaica Hills area of Queens, New York City.


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