Man accused of killing girlfriend’s brother in Dubai

A man is accused of stabbing his girlfriend’s brother to death following a row between the two families.

The defendant, who is from the Comoros Islands, appeared at Dubai Court of First Instance, has been charged with killing the Emirati with the help of two friends.

Dubai Public Prosecution have asked for the death sentence for the three jobless men.

Prosecutors said that the victim didn’t approve of the relationship between his sister and the defendant.

Prosecutors said that on March 18 last year the boyfriend, along with his two friends, one Emirati and the other also from the Comoros Islands, went to the victim’s house to assault him but were chased off by his mother.

She followed the three men to the boyfriend’s house and began insulting them. The men called the alleged victim to come and take his mother home.

When he arrived, the victim calmed the situation by promising his mother and the mother of his sister’s boyfriend that their problem would be resolved.

“The men walked together to the old cemetery in Al Quoz where one of them pushed the Emirati to the ground before sitting on top of him and stabbing him repeatedly,” a police officer said in court records.

“The other two men saw the fight and joined the attack and stabbed the victim in different parts of his body. They stabbed him three times in the heart.

“They told me that the knives used in the assault were stolen from a nearby supermarket.

“They called two other friends who helped them by burning their clothes as there were blood stains on them. They even buried the knives.”

The victim was taken to Rashid Hospital where he died in surgery.

The three men were charged with premeditated murder.

Two Emiratis, both aged 27, were also charged with knowing about the crime, failing to report it to police and aiding the defendants.

They all failed to show in court and the trial was adjourned until later this month.

Author: Ali Al Shouk


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