Kuwait: Man, girlfriend arrested for kidnapping and drug abuse

A citizen and his Kuwaiti girlfriend were recently arrested on charge of drug abuse, said security sources. The girl’s mother had accused the citizen of kidnapping and detaining her daughter in an apartment for six days where he allegedly forced her into taking drugs. On arresting the couple, police found that the girl had a criminal record and had been wanted.

A female citizen filed a complaint against her husband accusing him of assaulting and detaining her.

Stabbing case
A search is on for two citizens who reportedly stabbed a third one during a fight in Sabah Al-Salem area over some unsettled scores.

Compensation claim
Two lawyers recently filed a case against MPW demanding compensation for the deterioration of the condition of streets in Riqqa area.

Narcotic pills
Abdali custom inspectors recently foiled an attempt to smuggle 1,300 narcotic pills into Kuwait, said security sources. An Iraqi truck driver was arrested on finding the pills hidden within his truck.

Reckless driving
Three citizens were recently arrested in Sabahiya for reckless driving, said security sources.

Missing girl arrested
A girl who had been reported missing by her family was recently arrested in Farwaniya. The girl justified fleeing her family house as she wanted to quit high school which is against the family plans.

Drunk driving
A citizen was recently arrested in Jahra for drinking and driving dangerously endangering the lives of others. – Al-Rai, Al-Qabas.

Source: news.kuwaittimes.net

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