Kurdish ‘Angelina Jolie’ died fighting Isis

A female fighter nicknamed the ‘Kurdish Angelina Jolie’ has reportedly been killed in a battle against Isis on the Syrian-Turkey border, Syrian Kurdish media has said.

22-year-old Asia Ramazan Antar died in fighting near Minbiç, a town recently liberated from Isis control.

Norway-based Kurdish supporters ‘We want Freedom fo Kurdistan’ said in a post on Facebook that Antar died while fighiting Isis, but there are also reports circulating that she was killed whilst fighting Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters.

Antar belonged to the Women’s Protection Units, a group of around 7-10,000 female fighters allied to the Democratic Union Party in the Kurdish region of Syria.  She joined the group in 2014 and took part in several campaigns against the terror group.

Her social media pictures during the recent offensive on Manbij earned her the nickname of the ‘Kurdish Angelina Jolie’ because of her resemblace to the Hollywood actor.

Source: www.independent.co.uk

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