Israel: Good relations with Turkey can contribute to regional stability

Good relations between Israel and Turkey can contribute to the stability in the entire region, Emmanuel Nahshon, spokesman for Israeli’s Foreign Ministry told reporters on Tuesday, APA’s correspondent reported from Jerusalem.

The process of reconciliation between Israel and Turkey is going on, according to the spokesman.

“It is very important. I worked as a diplomat in Turkey. I realize Turkey’s importance for Israel and the entire region,” he said. “We have always had good relations with Turkey, but we have faced a number of difficulties in recent years. I’m confident that will cope with all these difficulties.”

Turkey is a very important country for Europe in dealing with the problem of refugees from Iraq and Syria, said Nahshon, noting that Turkey is becoming an economically developed country day by day.

“It is very important for us to have good relations with Turkey. We have signed a reconciliation deal,” he said. “We will soon restore good relations. We are to pay compensation to the fund to be managed by Turkey. If I am not mistaken, we have already sent money to Turkey. However, the banks are closed due to holiday. I think the payment will happen in the near future.”

The Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson also touched upon the upcoming presidential elections in the US.

“Like everyone else, we are waiting for the US elections. No one knows what will happen. We’re very careful on this matter and try not to express support for any candidate. Though the elections will be held in other side of the world, it can have an impact on all of us,” he said.

Nahshon also underlined close and good relations between Israel and Russia.

“Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have close contacts and they are making mutual visits. We have always felt deep friendship with Russia. We have been grateful to the Soviet Union for the fight against Nazi Germany. This country has saved Jews from concentration camps. Our relations are based on these emotional cores,” he added.


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