Hamdan bin Mohammed issues resolution on regulation of Dubai Municipality markets

Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued Executive Council Resolution No. (50) of 2016 regarding the regulation of Dubai Municipality’s markets. The Resolution aims to boost economic development, help enhance food security and ensure public health and safety in Dubai. The Resolution also aims to create a strategic reserve of goods and products and protect consumers from high prices, fraud and monopoly.

The Resolution seeks to set up markets and regulate the trading of certain goods and products through dedicated markets. The Resolution also aims to support low-income UAE citizens and charity organisations, and encourage them to get involved in business and commercial activity by providing them with shops, galleries, stalls, warehouses, and labour camps for rent at reasonable rates in coordination with government authorities responsible for community development. It also aims to support young entrepreneurs and create job opportunities for citizens.

The Resolution defines the duties and responsibilities of the Municipality, which include setting up permanent and temporary markets as well as general and specialised markets.

The Resolution also authorises Dubai Municipality to manage, organise and supervise  markets while ensuring it does not conflict with the roles of other government entities such as the Department of Economic Development, which is in charge of issuing licenses and commercial permits.

The responsibilities of Dubai Municipality also include leasing and allocating space, issuing decisions and regulations governing leasing procedures and specifying the products and goods that can be sold in the market. In addition, Dubai Municipality is also tasked with ensuring that tenants and their employees abide by local and federal laws.

No activity can be conducted in the market without being authorised and licensed by Dubai Municipality and other relevant government entities.

The Resolution also defines the terms and conditions for leasing and subleasing. In addition, all tenants are bound by the Municipality’s rules and regulations and should abide by the clauses of the tenancy contract signed with the Municipality.

The Resolution specifies the penalties that will be imposed on anyone who violates its provisions. It also clearly defines complaint procedures.

The new Resolution annuls the Local Order No. (107) of 1997 which regulates Dubai Municipality’s markets. It also annuls any other resolution or clause that may contradict it.

The Resolution is effective from the date of issuance and will be published in the Official Gazette.

Source: www.emirates247.com

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