Grand mufti: Focus on Haj

Grand Mufti of the Kingdom Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh confirmed that any attempts or policies that want to derail the holy Haj rituals away from their correct course are unacceptable in Islam, and represent criminal policies in themselves, according to a report in local publication.
He stressed that Iran’s allegations against the Kingdom of preventing Iranian pilgrims from performing the holy rituals are false, and mere gamesmanship to blind the world media on what is going on inside Iran, from oppression to the bad situation of the country.
“Pilgrimage in Islam is all about worship and obedience, not a platform for ignorance and propagation of heresy. There is no place for whoever wants to impose falsehoods and heresy among Muslims,” the grand mufti told the publication.
He added that the Kingdom has assumed the responsibility of taking care of the sacred House of God and to serve the Two Holy Mosques with a high priority. “Therefore the Kingdom has the lawful right to develop regulations and laws that preserve and maintain the safety of worshipers with ease and safe as it sees fit,” he said.
He urged the crowds of pilgrims to worship God during their stay at the holy sites, and to make sure that they pray and plead to God for forgiveness, and to thank the Almighty that they reached this blessed country safe and sound.
He said that what the Hajis should do once they set foot in Makkah and Madinah, and the holy sites: “They must first of all get busy calling God the Almighty and remember they only came to this blessed land to worship and pray, and perform the holy rituals of Haj.
The Saudi government is making great efforts for their comfort and safety, and to ease the way for them to perform their holy rituals with ease and smoothness. They should distance themselves from malice, hatred and hostility, and keep away from any attempts to instil sedition.
They should maintain and preserve the House of God and ensure its safety by avoiding chaos and disorder, and focus on their prayers and worship.”


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