Forget about Hamdam, please welcome Prince Hussein

Everyone’s in love with Jordan’s Queen Rania and for good reason. But her son, heir to the throne Al Hussein bin Abdullah II, definitely has his fans as well. At just 21, this charming young prince has already taken on the mantle of becoming a strong national and global leader, while also managing to remain humble.

Here are 16 times when he showed just how awesome he is.

1. There’s the time he hung out with U.S. President Barack Obama

Fun fact: Obama’s middle name is also Hussein!

2. He flies helicopters on occasion

You know, just because.

3. Sometimes he jumps from airplanes

Military training and all …

4. Just look at him being all badass at a military training session

Nobody would want to mess with this prince.

5. And he also rides bikes

Not the pedaling kind.

6. Did we mention he’s also smart?

That’s right! Brawn and brains.

7. Notice how confidently he signs these papers at the U.N.

Is that U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in the background?

8. Check how he holds that shovel firmly as he inaugurates a new public park

Go green!

9. Look at this young outdoorsman and his mad outdoor skills!

If we get lost in Wadi Mujib, will he come save us?

10. And then he comes back inside and speaks all eloquently about the importance of peace

Alright, alright!

11. Oh, and here he is jumping from an airplane again … This time with Red Bull


12. Even with all this jumping from planes, he finds time to enjoy playing football …

13. And to pray …

14. He finds time to be an older brother …


15. And for his entire family

And what a beautiful family it is!

16. But in the end, he’s just a pretty normal guy who likes to lounge on the couch at the end of the day

Gym shorts and all …


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