60% of school students exposed to violence in Saudi Arabia

At least 60 percent of intermediate school students are exposed to various forms of violence and verbal attacks during their school life, according to a recently published survey.

Carried out by Saudi researchers and published in the Global Magazine of Paediatrics and Adult Medicine of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, the report said that no less than 25 percent of students were vulnerable to torture and violence within a month of the commencement of their schools.

Male students are more vulnerable to violence, with a total of 27 percent at risk, compared to female students of which 22.7 percent were at risk of violence, the researchers said.

Meanwhile, the study found that 28 percent of male and 14 percent of female teachers said they were subjected to abuse and violence during their work in schools.

The study also showed that there are many factors that trigger the spread of these types of violence and aggression among adolescents, including the lack of a safe school environment, shortage of recreational activities, and contradictions in dealing with problematic behaviors.

The study suggested some other factors which can also lead to the spread of violence including poor relations between the parents and schools, weak relations between the students and teachers and the absence of respect in the school environment.

The research project studied four male and female intermediate schools where 40 students were interviewed in each, in addition to 31 school employees and 20 student guardians.
It touched on five types of school violence including verbal, physical, blackmail, psychological and electronic violence.

Source: www.arabnews.com

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