Suicide bomber kills at least 15 at wedding party in Iraq

15 people were murdered and 16 others wounded in an attack by ISIS targeted a wedding in the town “Ain Tamr” in Karbala.

In detail, the Iraqi security forces had foiled a major offensive by Daesh on “Al-Hussein” neighborhood. this came after 5 fighters could infiltrating from the desert of Anbar province over the security gap between the two provinces.

Reporters reported that one of the five suicide terrorist who carried out the attack at dawn in late last night, belt him self, while the others threw hand grenades and fired shots from a Kalashnikov rifle.

There were clashes between the “Brigades of Peace” and the Iraqi army on the one side and the fighters Daesh at second for nearly an hour, that which led to killing the rest four bombers .

The security forces imposed strict measures in case of any emergency and under the direct supervision by the operations commander and governor of Karbala amid intense presence of all the security services of the army, police and intelligence services. The reporter said that the “attitude is under controll completely now.”


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