PA accuses Israel of ‘destroying internal cohesion’

Israel is “destroying Palestinian domestic safety, security and internal social cohesion” by supporting gangs, the Anadolu reported the spokesman of the Palestinian Authority (PA) security forces Adnan Al-Damiri saying yesterday.

In a press conference held in Ramallah in the wake of clashes between security services and gunmen in Nablus, where two security servicemen and two gunmen were killed, Al-Damiri said that a security campaign had started and would not stop unless all those “wanted” were detained.

He added that security forces had seized a number of guns, pistols and hand grenades which all had Hebrew stamps.

“We do not accuse anyone except the [Israeli] occupation,” he said. “The weapons we seized are Israeli and everyone knows that this gang has never used its weapons against the Israeli army. This gang used its weapons for blackmailing… Israel plans to destroy domestic Palestinian safety and internal social cohesion.”


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