Nine parents in Dubai court over fight at children’s birthday party

Nine parents have appeared in court after a fight broke out at a child’s birthday party. The brawl started after a 41-year-old Egyptian threw a party for his daughter at his house in Al Barsha.

During the party, a 10-year-old daughter of a friend said a boy hit her with a rock.

The host said: “I went outside and spoke to the boy’s father, who was sitting with a number of friends, and told him to ask his son not hurt other children.

 “[The father] pushed me, while one of his friends grabbed my leg, causing me to fall and break my wrist.”

He said the guests insulted him with a slur about Egyptian people, Dubai Criminal Court heard.

“He [the boy’s father] told me that he has an American passport and will ruin my future, and that just as they broke my hand, they will break my neck,” said the host.

“Then his friend, who is a doctor, offered to treat my hand in return for not calling police.”

 The American, 49, denied the accusations and said they saw the girl fall next to the pool. He tried to help her but she left and returned with an adult whom they thought was her father.

“He started screaming at us, then, when we told him she fell on her own, he stuck his chest to mine. At this point my friend tried to calm him down and my wife tried to explain, but he told her she was a liar,” said the man.

 He said the man slapped him and tried to kick him but slipped and hurt his hand, after which the girl ran to the party hall and returned with other adults.

Eventually, police arrived to break up the fight.

The Egyptian required hospital treatment for his broken wrist and was left with a 15 per cent permanent disability.

Five men and four women were charged with insulting and threatening behaviour.

The American and his 47-year-old compatriot were charged with physical assault causing a permanent disability to the Egyptian, who was charged with assault.

 The second American was charged with threatening and assaulting a woman.

They all denied all the charges. The next hearing will be on September 7.


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