Mustafa Aydin: “With its struggle the Turkish nation showed that it deserves the Nobel Peace Prize”

President of Board of Trustees of Istanbul Aydın University, President of Eurasian Universities Union Dr. Mustafa Aydin started a campaign for the people of Turkey to be awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize after the events of July 15 coup attempt in Turkey. According to, in his speech during the press conference in this regard M. Aydin noted that the will and self-sacrifice that was demonstrated by the Turkish people is an attitude that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world: “The fact that our people were there for democracy and strong leadership, that they did not leave the squares for days after the events, is not something ordinary, it is remarkable. In this respect, we believe that the Turkish nation deserves the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for this struggle”.

Dr. Mustafa Aydin noted that if we look at the individuals and organizations that have received the Nobel Prize, there are not many examples of those who demonstrated such position and integrity. “In this regard, why should not the Turkish people receive the Nobel Prize for their stance?!“

Referring to the upcoming awarding procedures, M. Aydin noted that they will prepare documents, photo and video materials reflecting how this traitorous coup attempt was occurring and how the Turkish people reacted, and apply to the Nobel Prize Committee: “Applications are to be completed in December 2017. The list gets disclosed and candidates get gradually eliminated. This work requires serious actions. It will take approximately 1 year. In fact, the Nobel Peace Prize is not the purpose, but the mean. The purpose is to introduce the world to the legitimate struggle of the Turkish people. We want to prevent lies and targeted information that misleads the world community”.


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