Inspiring cartoon shows UAE’s Yemen aid effort

A new cartoon has been released to highlight the Dh4.3 billion given in aid by the UAE to Yemen since April last year.

The Emirates News Agency (WAM) video depicts a Yemeni child attempting to draw a picture using chalk on a building obviously destroyed by war.

The child is disappointed when rain falls and causes his picture to wash away.

But then an Emirati with an umbrella approaches, gives the boy shelter, and walks with him back into a nearby town.

To illustrate the impact of UAE aid, as the pair continue their walk, the town around them regenerates.

“The UAE is on the forefront of countries sending relief to Yemen,” said Reem Bint Al Hashemi, Minister of State for International Cooperation.

“We stand by the Yemeni people by providing all forms of assistance.”

For more information on the aid provided by the UAE to Yemen, click here.


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