Dubai gets heart-shaped island with hotel, floating homes

This is the first official picture of the heart-shaped island set to be one of the most iconic elements of the World Islands.

Nestled within The Heart Of Europe (THOE) development project, the little mass of land will, when complete, feature an infinity pool, lagoons, tropical gardens and a pool bar and restaurant.

Known officially as ‘St Petersburg’ – and part of six islands representing 51 countries making up ‘THOE’ (Monaco, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and Main Europe) – it will be the centrepiece of a Maldives-style honeymoon destination, surrounded by a mass of jetties housing the Floating Seahorse villas.

News of the island itself is not new, but the striking real-life image is the first we’ve seen since renderings were first made public late last year.

Speaking earlier this year, Josef Kleindienst, chairman for Kleindienst Group who are managing the delivery of the whole project, said: “St Petersburg Island will be a dream destination for couples and newlyweds. The five star resort will offer privacy, tranquility and first-class hospitality.

“The honeymoon business is a multi-billion dollar industry and we are excited by the prospect of newly-married couples choosing to spend the most special holiday of their lives at St Petersburg Island very soon.”


According to official information, “St Petersburg Island will come alive with traditional and cultural events synonymous with the infamous city’s culture and heritage. Events will include celebrating The White Nights Festival, the very best of classical ballet, opera and music”.

It is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2018.

In April, the first of Kleindienst Group’s 131 Floating Seahorse villas was positioned on location (check out some of Time Out’s exclusive pictures below), some four kilometres off Dubai’s coastline. The epitome of luxury, extravagance and awe-inspiring architecture, the three-level underwater villas have all cost around Dhs11.7 million to put together.


Despite the temperatures soaring to 48°C on mainland Dubai, the streets of The Heart of Europe will always remain balmy and tropical. According to the developers, you will be able to see snow, rain, hail and sunshine all year round, as the streets will be controlled to reflect the weather in Europe.

As the island itself might say, ‘Love it!’



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