WATCH: Comic teaches about Ramadan on flying carpet

Yousef al-Yamra – part of a comedy collective that aims to combat stereotypes of Muslims – donned a fez for the motorised stunt

A German comic has taken to a motorised flying carpet to explain Ramadan to the people of Berlin.

The video was made by Younes al-Amayra, part of the Datteltaeter (Date Carriers) collective of Muslim and non-Muslim German comics who aim to combat stereotypes of Muslims through satire, and has been viewed over half a million times.

The video opens with Amayra – wearing a fez and harem pants – stopping his flying carpet next to a poster advertising the neo-Nazi National Democratic Party.

Amayra changes the slogan “Good Travel Back Home!,” which is accompanied by an image of three people riding a magic carpet, to read “Happy Ramadan!”

He then gets back on the road bearing a placard reading “Want a Date?” to hand out the dried fruit, which is traditionally eaten by Muslims to break their day of fasting during Ramadan.

A previous project by the Datteltaeter collective satirised the Islamic State group with a parody advertisement featuring the heart-warming home lives of the militants, who celebrate the weekend by sharpening their knives and serving up sticks of dynamite for guests.


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