Turkey rounds up 283 members of president’s guard in post-coup crackdown

Turkey issued warrants for the detention of 300 presidential guards after last week’s Gülenist coup attempt.

At least 283 had already been detained and taken to the Ankara Police Department.

Meanwhile, the Turkish government cancelled 10,856 passports “due to a flight risk, including close to 10,000 green/grey (official) passports”, with the holders either in custody or on the run, the official said.

Turkey has started to restructure state institutions while suspending many from their duties for allegedly having links to the failed coup.

On July 15, a small military junta-linked to the Gülenist Terror Organization (FETÖ) attempted to topple the democratically elected government in Turkey and bring martial law.

The attempt was prevented by military troops loyal to the government, along with police units and millions of Turkish citizens in favor of democracy. 246 people, consisting of mostly civilians, have been killed by pro-coup soldiers, while over 2,000 people were injured.

Turkey’s opposition parties have united against the coup attempt, condemning it in the harshest terms and underscoring their determination to preserve democracy and the rule of law in Turkey.

Source: dailysabah.com

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