The Great Middle East is now in English!

In 2015, following some research, we found that there is no website in Russian that publishes news, analytics, interviews and expert analysis on the topic of the Middle East, so we created the first website in Russian, fully dedicated to the Middle East.

In a short time, journalists, experts, political analysts and many who are interested in the Middle East became our readers. A large number of sufficiently competent experts from different countries were and are willing to give us an interview and share their expert opinions. During all this time, none of the respondents faced censorship, or an attempt to be induced to any opinion.

Deciding not to stop at what has been accomplished so far, we launched the English version of our website (in the process of finalizing). Through our English version, Russian-speaking specialists will be able to reach the English-speaking audience. Even if they do not speak English. Conversely, the English-language specialists will be able reach the Russian audience, while the Russian language skills will not be necessary for them. We play the role of a bridge between them. Together with the involvement of well-known experts, we also aim to provide a platform for not so well known specialists, which tend to be bypassed by mainstream media.

We continue to remain open to experts, columnists, academics, social activists and rights activists.

We hope that our English version will allow us to embrace a much larger audience, and to move to a higher level.

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