Saudi and UAE had advance knowledge of Turkey coup

A top defense official in Doha blames Saudi Arabia and United Emirates for not alerting Turkey that Gülen’s loyalists would attempt a coup.

Qatar’s Defense Minister Khalid bin Mohammed al Attiyah has accused Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates of partially supporting the failed military coup that aimed at the Turkish government on July 15.

In a Twitter post, al-Attiyah claimed a Saudi prince in Ankara and two military officers in the Emirates had advance knowledge of the July 15’s attempted military coup inTurkey. “They are responsible as well, because they have remained silent before and after the coup attempt,” he said in the post that he later removed from his account.

Al-Attiyah citing an intelligence obtained by Doha said: “Saudi Ambassador Adel Siraj Saleh Merdad received this information from French and American generals in İncirlik base, but did not convey it to officials in Ankara.”

“The coup was originally supposed to have been staged in August, but its date has been moved earlier to July 15, due to an unknown reason,” al-Attiyah added.

Turkey Coup Twitter

The government succesfully foiled an attempted coup which was planned by a small military junta, linked Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). On July 15 night, pro-coup soldiers attacked the Parliament, police departments and clashed with President-supporting crowds aligned with the brave police forces.


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