Putin officially lifts Turkey tourism ban

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed on Thursday the decree lifting restrictions on Russian tour firms working in Turkey.

According to the statement released by the Kremlin, the decree will lift restrictions against tour sales and charter flights to Turkey by Russiantourism firms.

The statement also added that Kremlin decided to hold talks with Turkey about economic relations, and to consider changes in sanctions against the country according to the results of the talks.

Earlier on the same day, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said Russia will remove the economic sanctions against Turkey “on a gradual basis.”

Speaking at a meeting of the cabinet of ministers in Moscow, Medvedev said economic sanctions against Turkey would be lifted in accordance with the instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Medvedev said sanctions are to be lifted “gradually” in order to prevent any harm against Russian producers.

Russia would also demand guarantees by the Turkish government in order to provide safety for Russian tourists, Medvedev said.

In line with these developments, Russia’s transport ministry said on Thursday it had started implementing a government order to resume charter flights to Turkey, TASS news agency reported.

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