“No, The Palestinian People Don’t Deserve a State”

It  has become the mantra now, ‘the Palestinian People deserve a state.

This has been repeatedly and self righteously proclaimed over and over again as if the right to a state was a self-evident human right.

The right to life, the right to liberty, freedom of speech and expression, these are human rights, none of which anyone in there right mind would expect to be present in a State of Palestine in 2016.

Put aside for a moment that the proposed land for the State of Palestine is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people, put aside the Palestinian demand that this state be Jew free, put aside for a moment that there has never been Palestinian sovereignty, and Palestinian national identity is less than fifty years old.

The main reason that a Palestinian State should seem a detestable notion to all people everywhere actually concerned with human rights, is that the national character of the Palestinian people today possesses levels of savagery and inhumanity that exist nowhere on the good side of the 21st century moral arc of humanity.

This is universal among the Palestinians as a national identity and seen in every aspect of national life from the the entire spectrum of Palestinian opinion, action, and rhetoric from Palestinian leaders, public institutions straight down to polls of the Palestinian street.

The following story illustrates this beyond any shadow of a doubt.

On Saturday evening, October 3rd 2015, 19 year old Muhannad Halabi set out from his home near Ramallah toward Jerusalem, with a solitary goal. To kill Jews. He succeeded.

Twenty two year old Hasid, Aharon Banita and his young wife were pushing their baby carriage through the Old City after spending the end of Shabbat at the Western Wall. Halabi approached them, took out a knife, stabbed Aharon Banita to death, slashed his wife, and then went to work on the two year old baby in the carriage.

Forty one year old, Old City resident, father of seven, Nehemia Lavi ran to help after hearing the screams. Halabi stabbed him to death.

It was at this point that security arrived and shot Halabi, bringing an end to his savage rampage.

Halabi was a monster.  This is undisputable for anyone with a working moral compass. Unfortunately all societies have monsters. What few societies do have is mass support for what can be considered nothing short of pure evil.

This past week a photo emerged on Facebook of Halabi’s mother, Suhair, standing on the spot that her son was put down by Israeli security forces that evening, flashing a double handed ‘V’ for victory sign. The victory? Murdering Jews.

It would be one thing if it stopped there with a mother deranged by the monstrous acts of her son her moral vision blinded by the loss of his life in the process.

Muhannad Halabi was a student at Al Quds University. Al Quds is one of the largest Palestinian Universities with over 13,000 undergraduate students and 2000 graduate students. It has over one thousand faculty members.

Halabi was honored at the graduation ceremony this year with an honorary diploma. Several faculty members spoke about what a dedicated student he was, and at least one referred to him as ‘heroic’.

There were no demonstrations against the honoring of this savage monster, no ceremonial walkouts or faculty boycotts. Simply put, murdering Jews in cold blood enjoys 100% public support at Al Quds University.


In addition to  his diploma from this ‘mainstream’ Palestinian University, Halabi has been awarded a posthumous law degree from the Palestinian Bar Association and the road leading into his home town has been named for him and a stone monument, adorned with his image and title of ‘martyr’ has been officially erected by Mahmoud Abbas’s’ Palestinian Authority.

Is there anything else you need to know? Is this one story in and of itself not illustrative of why the creation of a Palestinian State would bring the world nothing but death and suffering. Indeed in the history of the world has there ever been a people less deserving of being awarded a state?

Source: blogs.timesofisrael.com

Author: Mottle Wolfe

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