Moscow and Damascus have begun broad support for Aleppo

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that the Syrian government and the Russian military launch Thursday a large-scale humanitarian process in Aleppo, adding that the process will be conducted commissioned by Russian President Vladimir Buten. Shoigu said that three lane will be opened  in Aleppo for the exit of civilians and insurgents who want to lay down their arms, in adition to safe passage toward “Alcastelo” for the militants of “free Syrian army” who still carry arms.

The minister said: “In order to help civilians who have become hostage to the terrorists and insurgents who want to lay down their arms, the Russian Centre on reconciling the conflicting parties which cooperate with the Russian authorities, should open three humanitarian corridors, and published in the vicinity of these passages centers to provide hot meals, and primary medical aid.” .

He continued, saying, “even though Americans did not give us data yet about separation between the organization “Jabhat Alnusra ” and the Free Syrian Army, there is need to open a safe passage off Alcastelo for fighters carrying arms.”

Shoigu also called international community and international organizations to participate in the humanitarian operation in Aleppo, saying, “We have invited the conflicting parties more than once to reconciliation, but militants have violated the armistice regime again and again, and they shelled populated areas and attacked government troop positions, eventually  in the city of Aleppo grew up  humanitarian situation which is extremely difficult. “


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