LA crash kills 2 Kuwaiti students

Ford Mustang driven by the students bursts into flames after involved in a multi-car collision in Woodland Hills

Three Kuwaiti students were killed in a multi-car crash in Los Angeles, the Kuwaiti General Consulate in the US city said.

The collision happened on Saturday evening in Woodland Hills and local reports quoted Los Angeles Police Department Officer James Norton as saying that a Ford Mustang with the three Kuwaitis inside slammed into a Mercedes exiting a gas station before it collided with a Chevy Malibu traveling the opposite direction and a parked Honda Accord.

The Kuwait General Consulate named the victims as Abdul Wahab Hamed Al Ali, Mubarak Al Qashout Al Otaibi and Abdul Rahman Hamed Ali.

In its press release, the diplomatic mission said that Abdul Wahab and Mubarak died on the spot and that Abdul Rahman later “succumbed to the fatal injuries he sustained in a road accident.”

The Consulate added that it informed the families of the victims of the details of the accident and the procedures related to sending the bodies of the three victims back home, Kuwait News Agency reported early morning on Tuesday.

Reports in the US quoted investigators as saying that speed could be the cause of the horrific accident in which two other people were injured.

Witnesses said that the Mustang burst into flames and that bystanders tried to control the situation by using fire extinguishers and buckets of water until firefighters could reach the scene.

Large numbers of Kuwaitis are studying in US colleges and universities, either under state-sponsored scholarship programmes or privately.


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