Kuwait: Dialogue with Iran is Possible as Long as Sovereignty is Respected

Riyadh-Kuwait Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs Khaled Jarallah stressed that Kuwait’s position towards Iran conforms with that of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). He saidthat his country welcomes dialogue with Iran as long as the important bases are maintained.

According to Jarallah, once sovereignty is respected and good-neighboring relations are sustained, dialogue with Iran can be resumed.

Jarallah pointed out that the Kuwaiti justice system must be respected especially after the death sentence of the primary suspect in al-Abdali case. The suspect was convicted of espionage on behalf of Iran.

Jarallah told Asharaq Al-Awsat newspaper that it is soon to speak about a verdict and the justice system should be respected and given a chance until the cassation stage is over.

Last Thursday, the Kuwaiti Appeal Court issued a death sentence on the first suspect in the case now known as “al-Abdali Cell” linked to Iran and the so-called Lebanese Hezbollah. The cell was accused of possession of guns and of having the intent to carry hostile acts against Kuwait.

The criminal court also sentenced two other suspects to death; a Kuwaiti and an Iranian. Another Kuwaiti defendant was sentenced to life in prison.

Kuwaiti convict Hasan Abdul Hadi Hajiya was sentenced to death in January. Hajiya, the primary defendant in the case, owns the Abdali farmhouses where the weapons were found. The prosecution said he smuggled the weapons by sea from Iran.

Hajiya confessed to owning weapons but insisted they were collected after the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait.

Another member of the cell, Iranian citizen Abdul Rida Haidar Dahqani was sentenced to death in absentia by a lower court. He is convicted of espionage for Iran and managing the cell upon Revolutionary Guards’ orders.

Fifteen convicts received sentences of 15 years in prison, while the court found three other convicts not guilty. Other convicts received various sentences for espionage, gun and explosives possession, and planning to conduct hostile acts against Kuwait.

Source: english.aawsat.com

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