Expat converts to Islam on Qadr night at Dubai mosque – photos

What a night? Thousands of worshippers flocked to the Rashidiya Grand mosque, opposite the Dubai International Airport, late on Friday to mark the most important night of the year in Islam, Al Qadr Night.

Popular Kuwaiti imam Shaikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy, known for his tuneful voice, mesmerised the faithful with his serene and touchy Quran recitation in the Tahajud Prayers at 12.30 after midnight.

The conversion of a Cameroonian resident added to the serenity and spiritually uplifting atmosphere is part of the fourth edition of the pioneering Quraa ‘Reciters’ Dubai programme which sees 11 popular imams this Ramadan.

These include Saad Al Ghamidi, KSA, Adel Rayan, KSA, Shaikh Abu Bakr Al Shatiri, KSA, Mashari Rashid Al Afasi, Kuwait, Ahmed Al Nafees, Kuwait, Mohamed Mubarak, Bahrain, as well as Abdullah Abdurrahman Al Ubaidali, Lebanon, Nabeel Al Refaei, Lebanon.

The fourth edition of the interesting scheme was initiated three years back by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai (DISCAD) under the generous sponsorship of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

Thousands of faithful, men and women, from all emirates used to flock to the major mosque form the very first day of previous Ramadans to enjoy the tuneful recitation of the eminent imams. Dr Omar Al Khatib, Executive Director for Islamic Affairs – DISCAD, said the fourth edition of the programme is seeing more Emirati imams as was the case last year, along with other from Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, and Morocco.

“The 11 imams, picked as per a public survey, are to lead people in the Taraweeh prayers, mostly for two days each, let alone the Qiyam or late night prayers in the last blessed ten days of Ramadan.”

Dr Khatib said the department of Islamic affairs and charitable activities in Dubai always celebrates the Al Qadr Night “which mostly falls on the 27th night of Ramadan.”

Muslims spiritually unite worldwide and maximize their effort on this particular night seeking forgiveness and great rewards from Almighty Allah, he added. “That night of power, honour and grace is better in virtue and reward than a sincere worship of 1,000 months as stipulated in Verse 3/79.”

Dr Qutb Abdulhamid, preaching adviser with the department, said Al Qadr night is the greatest night ever.

“Most faithful maximize their effort until Al Qadr night, which likely falls on the Ramadan 26 night, but stop or decrease good deeds.”

“What a loss; doing this, worshippers will be losing a much bigger reward, since Almighty Allah, as affirmed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), saves 70,000 people from hellfire every night while 2.1million are pardoned on the last night of the holy month of Ramadan.”




Shaikh Mohammed Yusuf, Imam of Diyar mosque, said while fasting may not be 100 percent perfect, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has made it obligatory for Muslims to give Zakat Al Fitr to purify their fating and all worship.

“Even the poor, is advised to give as little as they can, to enjoy the same reward and taste the feeling of giving,” he said noting that Zakat Al Fitr has been official set at Dh20, “but one can give more not less.”

Shaikh Moheb Abdulghani said Muslims who submissively fasted, stopped all evils, became tolerant and nice to people, and kept themselves doing righteous deeds, reciting Quran, giving charity, humbly supplicating, thanking and glorifying God, and praying in the mosque, shall win.

“As promised by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), fasting and the Quran will mediate, and speak for the true worshippers on the Day of Judgment that Almighty Allah will forgive them, and let them enter paradise.”

Author:  Ahmed Shaaban

Source: khaleejtimes.com


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