A Oman Government Alawi highlights Oman’s political approach at Arab League summit

Yousuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah, Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs affirmed that the Sultanate’s political approach in approximating views is the approach of the Omani leadership since His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said assumed power in 1970.

In response to a question about the concord, homogeneousness and tranquility being witnessed by the Sultanate under the wise leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, he said that all countries can enjoy what the Sultanate enjoys because there is nothing in the Islamic ideology or international laws or traditions that forces you to enter into conflicts unless you desire so. We are inspired by the Islamic ideology since Islam calls for good and not for evil.

Bin Alawi pointed out that since the beginning of the 70s, the Sultanate has been in a state of war with Omani and Arab communist organisations and that this war came to an end after about four years through approximating views, persuasion, and call for peace, stability and development and without the use of force. This means that it is an integrated approach emanating from our firm belief in dialogue.

As for the Arab affair, bin Alawi said, “It is true that the Arab world is experiencing severe weakness due to its geographic location, which makes it exposed to such complexities. When a man experiences such states of weaknesses, he should be ready to accept the external forces’ interference. He pointed out that the existing generation of the Arab world is experiencing unprecedented severe weakness.

He also pointed out that we have to measure and evaluate our stances very cautiously because at the beginning of each crisis, each party feels that he has more truth, power and right than the other party. Therefore, it is difficult to convince such party to give up his plans.

Bin Alawi added that the Arab League said repeatedly that any Arab country should not be entangled in war and later calls the other Arab countries to find it an exit of the crisis that happened due to its failure to consult with others.

He affirmed that the Arab countries have started feeling the crises and that the current blessed summit may see the light at the end of the tunnel especially as the current conditions have greatly affected all the Arab world and the reality of the international community, which seems to be working hard to reach peaceful solutions for these issues.

As for the GCC states’ stances from the Iranian nuclear issue, bin Alawi pointed out that the GCC states’ general stance is that this is an international issue and not a regional one and that the 5+1 countries did not desire to have any party interfere in the Iranian nuclear file.

He added that the common concern was that Iran would come out with a nuclear program without having comprehensive controls on it, which in turn would create a state of instability in the region.

“We are aware that Iran had an overwhelming revolution led by Islamist groups. This created double concern of the Gulf States. This is the reality on the ground and we have to deal with it because Iranians are our neighbours with whom we have intersecting interests. Confrontation will not solve the problem and it is better to address it with wisdom,” he added.

As for the Yemeni case, Bin Alawi said that it is the least sophisticated crisis in the region because it is still in the hands of Yemenis who can reach an accord. The Yemeni case is different from the one in Syria or Libya or Iraq because the latter cases are connected with global policy. He affirmed that despite the disagreement among the parties in Yemen, still we believe that it can be solved especially all Yemeni parties desire to have a way out of this crisis.

Source: timesofoman.com

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