Turkey refused to let the German delegation at the military base Injirlik

German state Minister of defense and German Deputy Canceled visit to Turkey after Ankara rejected because of the tension between the two sides after the German parliament’s recognition extermination of Armenians, according to the German Defense Ministry.

The Defense Ministry said, yesterday, that «the visit of Minister of State Ralph Broxaba and Vice Bundestag to military base in “Incirlik” in Turkey can not be carried out according to what is decided», adding that «the Turkish authorities doesn’t give the approval at the present time on the program of the visit» without showing the face of objection .

The General Dieter Arniki, which in charge of strategic issues at the ministry, said during a closed session of the Defense Committee in the Bundestag that Turks justified the refused the visit, which was scheduled in July to reason of “recognize the genocide of Armenians”.
Base “Incirlik” locate at southern Turkey, in which an international coalition aircrafts which are fighting against “ISIS”, and among them a German Tornado aircrafts of mission reconnaissance  and aircrafts for Supply.

Source: katehon.com

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