Saudi Journalist: ‘Mullah Obama’ Is Paving Way For Iran To Go Nuclear

Saudi Arabia’s official daily Okaz published an article titled “Ayatollah Obama – A Tehran Love Story,” slamming President Barack Obama for going against traditional U.S. foreign policy by supporting Iran and abandoning the Middle East.
In the article, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), columnist Muhammad Al-Sa’id argues that the Islamic Republic is exploiting “romantic” Obama’s naïve affinity for revolutionary countries to realize its own nuclear aspirations.

Al-Sa’id writes, “The U.S. has always viewed Iran as a rogue country that violates international law and sponsors terrorism – [terrorism] that has targeted the U.S. in many places around the globe.”

However, Al-Sa’id asserts, Obama’s legal and academic background, coupled with the fact that he grew up as part of a minority community, have shaped his personality to run counter to the traditional profile of American presidents.

“Obama believes in revolutionary countries and feels that they are closer to his heart and his conscience than the veteran, stable nations. He believes Iran is a model for a successful revolution that can be improved upon, worked with, and transformed into a democratic revolution, as he sees in his senseless dreams. This is a romantic view that Obama holds.”

According to Al-Sa’id, officials at the Iranian foreign ministry have piggybacked on Obama’s delusions by “painting themselves as victims and as having adopted values of democracy and [human] rights.”

“All the world’s liberals, like Obama … support liberal ideology, yet they turn a blind eye to the hypocrites who use it as a means to seize power,” he writes.

The danger with Obama, Al-Sa’id says, is his belief that the National Security Council can help realize the fantasy of a democratic revolution in Iran, “even if it claims the lives of tens of millions of innocent people.”

Iran’s journey into the Obama administration’s good graces started with providing intelligence on Al-Qaeda and other affiliated terrorist organizations. Iran even “sacrificed the lives of commanders” who were no longer of use to the Islamic Republic in order to prove that it is combating terror.

Al-Sa’id expounds on the “rich and influential” Iranian diaspora, which he claims number in the tens of thousands in Washington alone, who have set aside their political differences in order to serve the Iranian cause.

“Naturally, Saudi Arabia was in the crosshairs of Iran, which saw the personality of ‘Mullah Obama’ as a safe haven to realize its interests. The ripeness of the Iranian lobby [in the U.S.] and its infiltration into American media, and especially into the State Department, enabled Iran to do this,” he writes.


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