To-do things in Dubai

Dubai is located in the Middle-East and is the second largest city in UAE. The town has its glorious past that can be traced to approximately 5000 years. In the current days the city stands as one of the most prosperous metropolitan towns in the world. Visiting such a city will definitely leave you with an amazing experience. Every year many tourists arrive here for various purposes. Few come here on vacation, few visit here on official trips or to visit their relatives. You will have a broad list of things to do in Dubai once you land here. Such is the charisma of this ancient city.

A guide for things to do in Dubai

When you are on a visit to Dubai, don’t miss an opportunity to see Burj Khalifa, it is considered to be world’s longest building.Also taste the spicy cuisines of the Middle East served at many restaurants in the town. You should visit the historical places located in Dubai. You can easily play mini golf in Dubaiat most of the halls and indoor stadiums. Many hotels also provide this facility.Dubai is nicknamed as the shopping capital of the Middle East so you can go on a shopping spree.Dubai’s miracle gardenis the world’s largest flower garden, when you visit here do visit the garden and experience the nature like never before. Once you land into this beautiful city, you will have plenty of things to do in Dubai and it can be assured that each of these experiences will be amazing and exhilarating. So, don’t wait and just visit Dubai at the earliest and see it yourself.

Know more about mini golf in Dubai

Golf is a very popular sport. It is an outdoor sport. In some countries the idea of playing miniature version of the game has also gained momentum. Especially mini golf in Dubai is extremely popular. This game consists of a series of holes but uses a very short length from tee to cup. It is also called Goofy golf, miniature golf and has other names as well.

This game is enjoyed by the people of all ages and can be played with friends and relatives. It is a fun game and also improves your concentration power. People love playing this indoor sport. It is a great game as a stress buster. It is an excellent occasional leisure activity so Play mini golf in Dubai like never before.


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