Orphans of terrorism – Children visit the graves of their father and uncles killed during PKK bombardment

Millions of students in Turkey were delighted to receive their report cards on Friday as the second semester of the 2015-16 school year was over, but this was unfortunately not the case for 36 youngsters in southeastern Diyarbakır’s Tanışık town, who lost their loved ones on May 12, when PKK terrorists detonated a bomb-laden truck in a nearby hamlet killing 16 villagers and injuring 23 others.

36 children, all students of Tanışık Elementary School, were reported to have lost their fathers, uncles or brothers in the fatal explosion. The children visited the cemeteries of their loved ones right after receiving their report cards and sharing their grades with them. Some prayed, while some kissed the tombstones.

Muhammed Yaman, who lost his father in the explosion, told reporters, “I don’t want my father to say that I did not bring my report card to him. I will be a doctor so I can cure patients.”

Aydın Yaman, who lost his uncle in the explosion, said that he “showed” his report card to his uncle before showing it to anyone else, as always.

Ali Yaman, another child who lost his father in the explosion said that he hoped his father would “visit him in his dreams.” He said, “My father always told me to study. He always wanted me to do so. And I will…It is very difficult not to have a father. I still imagine my father being in Diyarbakır and coming home someday.”

On May 12, a group of villagers from the town of Tanışık spotted an unfamiliar vehicle in Dürümlü hamlet in Diyarbakır’s Sur district and began to follow it to find out what the intentions of the drivers were. But the villagers reportedly got into an argument with the truck’s drivers and later found out that they were PKK terrorists. The argument however turned into a tragedy as the terrorists detonated the truck, killing 16 villagers and injuring 23. The Dürümlü massacre was reported to be one of the PKK’s worst atrocities.

Source: dailysabah.com

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