Malik Ayub Sumbal: Iran, India perilous stratagem against Pakistan

Saudi Arabia and Iran are two major regional powers that are on opposite sides of the fence. Pakistan shares a border with Iran, and has good relations with Saudi Arabia. How is the antagonism between Saudi Arabia and Iran perceived in Pakistan? What is the interest of Pakistan in this issue? We have addressed this question to Malik Ayub Sumbal, senior journalist, security analyst and geopolitical expert.

Pakistan is a common friend of two archrivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, but the recent geopolitical developments in the region, the functioning of Gawadar port has turned the relations between Pakistan and Iran tensed.
Iran and India has lobbied against Pakistan and China to start Chabahar port to fail Gawadar port, which is highly damaging for the relations between Iran-Pakistan.
Pakistan’s relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia have been warmth for decades but it seems that the tense relations episode is being started now after the Iran-India collaboration.
Unfortunately, it is a bitter reality that Iran and Saudi Arabia have been involved in to sponsoring the sectarianism in Pakistan and there are deadliest past-two decades in which the bloodshed witnessed of Sunnis and Shiites.
Pakistan has culminated the sectarianism after 9/11 but still the Iranian intervention through Baluchistan is a deep concern for the security agencies and higher authorities in the country.
The antagonism between Iran and Saudi Arabia have never been be a matter of public interest in Pakistan because majority of the Pakistanis, both from Shiites and Sunnis treat both the countries as brother nations.
Even at the government level the relations are treated equally and warmth for the both sides.
If there is something disturbing in the relations of Pakistan and Iran right now, it is India. Apparently Pakistan will not tolerate to hatch any conspiracy against Gawadar deep port and China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

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