Dubai Tourism – Statistics And Trends – Infographic

Holding some of the biggest modern manmade marvels, Dubai is one city that can’t be missed to visit. It homes 7 of the 10 tallest hotels in world and the tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The Building is so tall that people on the top floors have to wait a while longer than those on the ground to break their fast. From hotels and manmade beaches to upcoming climate controlled cities, Dubai has accomplished incredible feats engineering on the harshest of environments.

Even though it’s built on a desert, it doesn’t stop people from around the globe to come and see its stunning architecture and beautiful resorts with their own eyes. To no surprise, Dubai has the 4th largest tourist visit throughout the year recorded at 14.9 million in 2015 next to Bangkok. By 2020 the expected number of tourist visitors is anticipated to reach 20 million. At times it gets so full that 86.5% of the all the combined hotel rooms in Dubai are occupied with tourists from Saudi Arabia, UK, India, USA, Iran, Oman and China etc. The presence of so many tourists means high rate of spending from them. It was estimated in 2014 that that overnight visitors in Dubai spent $10.9 billion, about $817 per person.

In order to learn more amazing facts, the Go-Gulf Dubai Website Design team has complied an infographic for you to see.

Dubai tourism


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