Dubai shares its wide experience in construction with the world

Dubai has shared its experience in using green cement in the sustainable concrete industry with the world.

In May, Dubai Municipality took part in the International Concrete Sustainability Conference (ICSC) held in Washington, US, where it presented its own experience.

The conference was attended by more than 300 specialists in different concrete techniques from multiple countries such as the US, European countries, China, Japan, and some Arab countries, according to Khalid Mohammed Saleh Al Mulla, Director of Buildings Department at Dubai Municipality, said

Aida Al Harmoodi, head of Consultants and Contractors Qualification Section at Buildings Department, said that the municipality presented its experience in using eco-friendly cement materials in the sustainable concrete industry, and explained its leading role in transforming Dubai into a green city as well as its continuous and sustainable efforts in the improvement, development and innovation fields.

The civic body stressed, during the conference, that the experience has succeeded thanks to the leaders’ directives and support for the leading projects that go in line with the strategic goals of the emirate and the UAE.

Aida revealed Lionel Lemay, President, the US National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA), founded in 1930, praised Dubai’s experience and lauded before the audience the right decision taken by the Municipality to mandatory apply green cement to all Dubai building projects, which has multiple benefits.

Lemay hoped it will be applied in the US.

Ahmad Saeed Al Badwawi, head of Research and Building Material Studies at Buildings Department, said that the worksheet submitted by the Municipality addressed the environmental disadvantages associated with the use of ordinary cement, which is considered as non-eco-friendly since its industry and applications result in the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic substances in huge quantities, harming thus the environment, the public health and safety.

He said that the municipality conducted research in the building and construction field in order to apply the best international practices that go in line with the environment of Dubai, and that it launched a study of alternatives to the ordinary cement that are treated afterwards using eco-friendly concrete materials in the sustainable concrete industry.

In the framework of implementation, Al Badwawi said the worksheet focused on highlighting the results and applications on the green cement system, in addition to the legal framework by issuing a circular compelling all buildings’ construction workers to use these materials.

The worksheet also clarified the main benefits of using green cement which prolongs the life of buildings by more than 40 per cent, in addition to preserving the environment, health and safety.

Fadel Saleh AbuShaban, Specialist in Building Studies at Buildings Department and one of the participants in the conference, pointed out that the worksheet of Dubai Municipality was widely echoed among the specialists and researchers who attended the conference, especially that the municipality’s experience was actually applied and is not a virtual experience.

The conference presented a number of experiences and the latest developments in modern concrete technology, chief among which were the use of self-compacted concrete technique that contribute to smoothness in the casting process, saves time and produces a sustainable concrete; the use of iron fibers in the manufacturing of reinforced concrete elements with the aim to reduce the amount of rebar and the use of 3D printing technology in construction.


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